This CD is from the pictures owned by Robert and Beverly and is an attempt by me to arrange them in some form, primarily by family and then by approximate date.  Several pictures are undated and will obviously remain so, although I will take the liberty of indicating a “circa” date; where I am reasonably certain based on conversations with my parents through the years.  These pictures were all kept “in a box” as is typical and we were able to get some limited information based on conversation with both Mom and Dad, at least to the point of identifying most pictures.

It will consist of four families but with much heavier emphasis on Robert and Beverly’s family.




MILLER (Also included is a copy of a Miller Family History)

   A very complete family history has been compiled on the Ross family dating back into the 1600s; however not nearly as much is known of the other families.  What is known will be mentioned where appropriate and will be as accurate as is possible.  That said, any mistakes or omissions are mine.

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Family History

   Robert Penn Ross Sr, married Beverly Ellinwood on November 1, 1934 in Chicago. Beverly’s mother was Amy Anita Haney, but not much is known (by me) of the Haney family or its history. Beverly’s father was Marvin Ellinwood – not much is known of the Ellinwood family other than I believe a book exists detailing their history however, again, I am not sure of its location.  Marvin’s mother was Carrie Miller before marrying Charles Ellinwood.  The Miller family history is included herein in written form.  What is interesting about this family is they moved from New York state to the New Milford, ILL area (described in the family history as the “Rock River Valley”) long before we Ross’s lived there. Carrie Miller was born in Cherry Valley, ILL January 23, 1856.  Her early life was spent in Rockford where she was married to Charles Ellinwood on July 7, 1877.  At that time Charles was professor of Chemistry at Northwestern University in Evanston, ILL. Later they moved to Indianola, Iowa where Marvin was born on July 7, 1888.  After eight years in Iowa, they moved to Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln, Nebraska where he was Chancellor.  Following Carrie’s death on December 25, 1897 in Nebraska, Marvin was sent to live with foster parents.  Believe this was in Texas as Amy had spoken often of Marv living in Texas as a youngster.  His father and mother had eight children; Bernice, Herbert, Annabelle, Marvin, Fan, Grace, Agnes and DeWitt.  DeWitt was a Methodist minister, and served for several years in Illinois,  including Illiopolis when we lived in Mechanicsburg (1950s).  He ended his career in Macomb, ILL and is buried there.  Marvin E. Ellinwood and Amy Anita Haney were married in Cassopolis, Michigan on July 7, 1906.  They subsequently had two daughters, Beverly and Ruth.  Beverly, born June 11, 1914 and Ruth May 4, 1916.

   Robert’s father was John Ross, son of Hosea Ross and is documented in some detail in the aforementioned Ross history.  John was born September 9, 1870 and died in April, 1946.  Again the Ross history is detailed in another publication.

   Robert’s maternal family was named Penn and originally lived in the Carlinville, Illinois area. Ruth Penn was born March 1, 1878, and died in November of 1948.  It is known the family moved to Kansas to homestead around 1864, but returned to Illinois after only two years – they were driven back by a grasshopper infestation that basically ruined them financially.  It was reported the grasshoppers were so bad, they “ate the harness right off the horses”.  His grandfather, Benjamin Penn served as a Captain in the Union Army during the Civil War and spent some time in the Vicksburg, (MS) campaign. During that campaign and due to the lengthy “siege” conditions there, he was sent back up to Illinois to accompany several officer's wives back to the Vicksburg area so they could spend that winter with their husbands.  This trip was made by barge to and from Quincy, Illinois, down the Illinois River,  joining the Mississippi and on down to Vicksburg.  Later he was assigned to the staff of the “infamous” General W. T. Sherman and was with him on his “march across Georgia to the sea”.  He would have spent much of the winter of 1864 and early spring of 1865 somewhere in Georgia and the Carolinas.  He returned home safely to Illinois after the war and lived until 1902.  Listed below is a chronology of the Penn family written by Dad, but no further information is available.


Joseph Penn Born - June, 1798 Died - November 25th 1840
Candis Penn 4-27-1800 4-15-1857
Sarah Penn 5-20-1821 6-19-1886
John W. Penn 12-17-1822 1-29-1870
William M. Penn 4-4-1825 10-21-1838
Lucinda Penn 1-5-1828 5-17-1847
Joal B. Penn 12-28-1829 1-14-1831
Miriam Penn 10-28-1831 6-20-1850
E, Baston Penn 10-16-1835 unknown
Benjamin Hypes Penn 2-5-1838 4-19-1902 (1)

(1)This was the father of Ruth Penn


   It seems a shame more historical information was not kept by these families through they years, (or at least passed down to be available to us as later generations)  but possibly someone in the future with a hearty interest in genealogy may pursue this with the fervor that it deserves.  My apologies for not having done that.


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