Alright, I've been nagged enough. I'm finally putting something up here. Granted this is by far one of the crappiest websites I have done, it is still a site.

Pages on my site

 - My Computer - These are pictures of my homemade water-cooled computer. It uses a Via Aqua 130 gph fish tank pump, the heater core from a '67 Chevette, food service grade bevarage tubing, hardware store plumbing fittings, Zyrex racing coolant, blue uv dye, Swiftech CPU & GPU water-blocks, and a Radio Shack 12v Relay.

 - Deception Pass - These are pictures from a trip I took to the Deception pass. These are unedited for size and content so be warned.

 - Thetis Island - These are pictures of the vacation to Thetis Island with my ex-girlfriend Kate just off Vancouver Island in Canada. All content here is unedited as well so picture sizes can be quite large.

 - California - These are pictures of the vacation Kate and I took to her Dad's Ranch in California, we stopped in Portland, Santa Cruz, and Monterey as well.

 - Ross Family - This is actually a copy of a CD I made for my grandparents. It includes a bunch of Family History information.

Links to other sites

 - - Kelcey's website.

 - - Nate's website.

 - - John's website. Also for Anime Night

And of course, I can be reached at or